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This Page Shows All Of The Items Which Are Necessary For Your Training

If you need help with money for the items, you can speak to me about working a little to raise some hard earned cash for your pricy pieces.
This is a list of all the items necessary for your training, starting with BCT, and working your way up to ACT. If you dont know what these abreviations stand for, you should use the form on the join up page to tell me about it, and also to let me know about any money issues.
1.The most crucial thing is going to be your firearm. We will be using paintball guns for the beginning of the training, and i have posted some links below which point you to some really strong beginner paintball guns. If your parents will not let you purchase the paintball guns for some confounded reason, let me know, and you can give me the money. I will purchase the gun for you and keep it at the base, so that you can get it when you attend training. As we get our power armor finished (this to raises the issue of money) we will use frozen paint balls, and dont freak out because the armor can get run over by a truck, wearer and all, and be usable with no problems other than a couple of dents, and scratching.
http://www.paintball-online.com/shop/product_information.asp?number=GNWTS I suggest you buy value package along with the gun, as you will need a co2 can and a mask for training.

2.You will also need alternate clothes, and we will work on getting you your ACU's as soon as possible. This too raises the issue of money, and the comment box is once again your best friend. ACU's are expensive, but important, as they hold all of your medals, your rank insignia, and even your citations.

3.The most important last thing I can say is that you need money, a brain, and a sense of courage. If you cannot aford anything, I will try to help you as much as I can. Your ribbons and citations are, for the most part, a bit cheap, and I will try to buy them myself for the most part.