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Were always looking for new recruits:

If youre interested in joining, send me an email at unscdfas@yahoo.com. and ill get right back to you with instructions on how you can get your rank service number and directions.

To join you are going to need to do a few things.

1. Send an e-mail to the address listed above, with the subject of Joining the UNSC.

2. Include your age, hieght, and approxamite activity level*.

3. Also include what division you would like to get into.( Marines, ODST, or Spartans**)

4. This is only for recruits in the Macomb Michigan area. Sorry if you live elsewhere, but Alpha Battalion is located in Macomb, so please, if you dont live there, dont send me an e-mail! Thank You!

*Activity Level is a measure of how physically active you are. This is measured on a scale of one to five, one being barely to five being olympic champion quality.

**Many people will try out for a Spartan, but age, hieght, and activity level affect this. We have nothing against you if you do not qualify, you just did not meet the requirements.

    You Can Now Send Me Messages Right From The Site. Feel Free To Use This To Report Anything To Me That You Feel Is Absolutely Necessary. If You Have Not Recieved Items Or Anything Along Those Lines, This Is The Importance Of This Box.