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Im Sure Many Of You Have Questions About the protien Supplements Im Having You All Take:

1.The protien supplement may cause nausea, and even vomiting in some cases.

2.The different classes have different supplements, and will have to take different colored liquids and different amounts. For marines it is 5 supplements, all are a slight yellow color but the last one, which is dark blue. If your an ODST, its seven supplements, all blue, except for the last two, which is red and lastly, we have the Sartans. Spartasn have to take thirty five supplements, all red, and the last five are black.

3.As you can see, each class has to take one or two of the next highest classes supplements to get the full treatment.
For ODST, and Spartan, you may have colored urine during the course of the supplement period.

4.All of the supplements are tested, and they are safe. A FAQ is whether or not they are steroids. The answer, is NO.

5. For marines, the supplements are given once a week at the beginning of the week. For ODST it is twice a week. For Spartan, it is three times a week.