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The Guns We Are Currently Using Can Be Found On This Page

M4 Custom
At the UNSCDF, you will use a variety of guns. You will, However start with a simple airsoft rifle, or pistol, and work your way up through the ranks.
The guns you use will vary depending on your division, and your current level of training.
All new recruits will be issued a standard single shot per cock airsoft pistol.
Once you get better with your training you will move on to a .22.
After you have perfected small arms training, you will move on to the .308 caliber and beyond.

This Is Your U.S.P. (Universal Service Pistol). It Is The First Weapon You Will Obtain.

This is a Colt 1911 green gas non-blowback pistol, for basic training. $50.00 Gets you the pistol, 3 gas cans, and 400 red paint bbs. The standard issue firearm for begginers at the U.N.S.C. .